A valued member of the team

“I can always count on Kathleen Mathieu when she takes on a project for the major medical center where I lead marketing and communications. Our goals become hers, and she has the expertise, dedication and creativity that busy department heads like myself need in a consultant.”
Maria Margiotta
Marketing and Communications Director

Customized solutions and results

“As the owner and operator of a new company, Black Meadow Flora, Inc., a wholesale and retail orchid business, I was eager to get the word out as quickly as possible to grow sales, with a close eye to the budget. Within weeks, Kathleen had the company’s name up in lights in the press and on the Internet.”
Margaret C. Bridge
Business Owner

Skilled communicator and consensus-builder

“When the public library I directed needed to build support in the community to ensure adequate municipal funding, Kathleen Mathieu applied her considerable PR and communications skills to help rally residents to the cause. She was an important member of the team that toiled tirelessly and successfully under the mantra of “Save the Library.”
Jane Fisher
Library Administrator

Goal-oriented PR and media relations

“The Andiamo Benefit Motorcycle Run depends heavily on targeted PR to bring in riders, sponsors and donations in general. By spreading goodwill and obtaining coverage before and after the event, Kathleen has been highly instrumental in making the Andiamo Run one of the most successful charity runs of its kind.”
Don Dickstein
Restaurateur and Community Leader