Food Sharing Network Launches Anti-hunger Initiative

“When I was fortunate enough to secure such a meaningful domain name, I knew that I would use it eventually to help feed the hungry,” said Mathieu.

Food Sharing Network, a project of The Red Wagon Group, is celebrating the two-month anniversary of its website by joining the fight against hunger.

The website,, features a blog dedicated to food and related topics. Recipes, photos, and commentary are the mainstay of the site, but creator and moderator Kathy Mathieu has added...

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A New Venture, a Labor of Love

Are you passionate about cooking? Always on the hunt for quality ingredients? Do you enjoy bringing people together around your table? Do you fuss over table settings, linens, candles, etc. Perhaps your expertise is more along the lines of finding great restaurants and take-out. Or, maybe you just love to eat…. For any of these reasons and many more, we invite you to visit Food Sharing Network and join the...

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