Kathleen Mathieu
Consultant, Strategist and Advisor

Kathleen Mathieu with tennis superstar Andre Agassi

Kathleen Mathieu on the job with Andre Agassi

Kathleen Mathieu, president and owner of The Red Wagon Group, is a marketing, public relations and communications consultant with more than 30 years of experience.

Mathieu is highly regarded for her dedication to her work, as well as her talent, energy, integrity, sense of humor and common sense. Recognized as an expert in her field and a trusted advisor on strategies large and small, she is proud to have worked with a host of discriminating clients from many industries. A true champion for them all, her success is very much a product of her goal-oriented perspective. Once Mathieu accepts an assignment, she and her team focus on the final results, thriving on the challenge of developing an action plan and implementing it.

A Thomas More College, Fordham University graduate, she is known as an independent and creative thinker with keen analytical skills. She is a professional who has succeeded in several industries including securities, education, journalism, public relations, fundraising and healthcare. She is also a published writer.

The Red Wagon Group is located in New Jersey, ten miles from New York City. Mathieu’s husband Chris and their children, Emily Joy and Christopher, and son-in-law James, respectively, have all contributed to the success of The Red Wagon Group. Talented professionals from numerous areas of expertise complete the roster of individuals who have made The Red Wagon Group a respected firm since its first year in business.

Kathleen Mathieu at ease in her home kitchen, where she tests recipes for

Kathleen Mathieu at ease in her home kitchen, where she tests recipes for

Kathleen Mathieu is the originator and moderator of the blog, where she writes under the name of Kathy Mathieu.