Unexpected Pleasures

December 28th, 2012

We never really know what’s going to be a hit at Christmas. I remember quite distinctly the year my then pre-school niece Caitlin, upon opening her Fisher-Price toy purse, exclaimed “Tissues!” with glee as she explored the contents. You just never know.

This year I decided to wow the children by decorating my carrot cake with plastic Christmas decorations, including all the basics from Santa to wrapped presents. Much to my surprise, when I presented the (not prize-winning) dessert to my guests, it was the adults who reacted, with accolades and cell phone cameras flashing. Pretty soon my creation was immortalized on Facebook, of course. The only child who commented was my granddaughter Opal. She had a worried look on her face. Was the cake pretend?

I wish you holiday pleasures (like mine) in unexpected places.

I should have used a Christmas plate!