The “Elite” Media?

March 16th, 2012

I have to shake my head a bit when I come across the term elite media. Remember when it was good to be elite? I guess putting it together with the word media made it easy to turn it into a pejorative. People love to kick around the press. Sure there are journalists who are biased, lazy, inaccurate, unprofessional, etc., but there are plenty of people doing a good job too. A good thing, because we need their service and dedication.

Putting aside the very few who get to choose their working conditions, journalists today work under extremely difficult circumstances. Not only is the day deadline driven, the workload and related stressors can be brutal. Picture just one scenario: a workday with hundreds of emails, most of which require attention, not deletion.

Of course, we could try to take back the use of the word “elite,” but these days it seems like too much of a dirty word.

 I was delighted to work with the press when I did the PR to help launch what I nicknamed “Sweet Sensation,” a Ritter Sport candy bar distributed by Euro-American Brands in Paramus, NJ. Sales of the bar have raised substantial funds for the fight against breast cancer. The media, including The Record, did a bang-up job of creating a buzz about the generosity of the two companies. Here I am with two representatives from Euro-American Brands at a cancer walk where they promoted the product.