A Great Cause – A Remarkable New Brochure

December 2nd, 2015

A New Brochure for a Regional Museum

DSC_0013-51 MMus brochure copyIt was thrilling to lead the team effort that made a new brochure possible for the Meadowlands Museum in Rutherford, NJ. Volunteers, trustees, staff and a graphic designer enthusiastically worked together in a spirited effort to get the job done. The project had surged ahead when two trustees (myself included) secured funding for the cost of the designer and printer from a local bank. Another trustee, a professional photographer, provided the striking images the talented designer needed to make the brochure all that it could be. Kudos to all! See the brochure here, or contact the museum for a copy.

Many thanks to photographer Tom Bivin for the use of his photos here.

The Team

  • Tom Bivin
  • Cindy Capitani
  • Jesse Gordon
  • Gilda Healy
  • Dale Jankowski
  • Rod Leith
  • Dawn Massa
  • Kathleen Mathieu

And special thanks to BCB Community Bank for its support.