Hit the Refresh Button on Your Website

May 20th, 2016

It can pretty exciting to launch a new website, but the process of keeping it current is not always as appealing. Here’s a short list for getting started.

Step #1 Make the update one of your priorities. Outdated content, design and technology can make a very bad first impression. For example, front-page announcements about events and other activities that have occurred in the past can be off-putting. By the way, when is the last time you changed your copyright date? A lack of attention to detail can make people question all the information on the site, as well as the quality of your brand. And, never forget that search engines favor quality content.

Step #2 Go low-tech if your site isn’t too large, and print the pages. Then, take a pen and go to town marking them up. Do a content audit. What’s no longer true or available? What’s missing? Is there a gaping hole where your best product or service should be? Are you wasting precious space on items that have come to lack importance?

Step #3 Is your website consistent with your current marketing materials and goals? You might want to discuss this issue at a staff meeting.

Step #4 Are the copy and photos timely? One of the top reasons individuals visit a website is to obtain useful information.

Step #5 Determine how much of the upgrade your company can realistically handle by itself and seek out the professionals you need. You get only one chance to make a first impression.

Kathleen Mathieu has been helping clients succeed since 1999.

Kathleen Mathieu has been helping clients succeed since 1999.

Kathleen Mathieu is the president and owner of The Red Wagon Group (TRWG), a New Jersey company that has been helping individuals and organizations succeed since 1999. TRWG offers simple solutions in traditional and new media.

She also is the creator and author of NursingAnnualReports.com and FoodSharingNetwork.com.