Channeling Grandpa

September 12th, 2012

Joseph A. Yodzio, Better Known as Grandpa, During WWII

When I watched the Democratic convention—I watched most of both—I thought a lot about Grandpa. Before he became an elder statesman of our family, he was just Daddy. He was humble and low-key. He never thought one person had all of the answers, or that one person alone should make the rules. Although he has been gone for ten years, I know what he would have said about the conventions. Be informed and then—vote!

We have this photo, but it’s hard to imagine Grandpa as a soldier in wartime. He did tell great war stories, most of which ended up with him landing in the brig. After his death in October 2002, someone would note that for the rest of his life after this photo was taken he would be the same, that is, bad clothes, bad socks, bad haircut. I’m sure that would have made him laugh too.