Blood Drive to Feature Super Bowl Sweepstakes

The Rutherford Community Blood Bank treasurer Frank Tidona (left) and chairman Andrew Bertone (right) are looking forward to the Blood Bank’s November 4 donor day.

The Rutherford Community Blood Bank’s fall blood drive will feature a very special gift for participants: the chance to win two free tickets to Super Bowl XLVIII. Each person who comes to donate blood on November 4 will receive a red Super Community Blood Drive wristband and the opportunity...

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Food Sharing Network Launches Anti-hunger Initiative


“When I was fortunate enough to secure such a meaningful domain name, I knew that I would use it eventually to help feed the hungry,” said Mathieu.

Food Sharing Network, a project of The Red Wagon Group, is celebrating the two-month anniversary of its website by joining the fight against hunger.

The website,, features a blog dedicated to food and related topics. Recipes, photos, and commentary are the mainstay of the site, but creator and moderator Kathy Mathieu has added...

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Journey to Excellence

Journey to Excellence is a two-year review of the accomplishments of the nurses at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center in New Jersey. TRWG worked closely with the medical center’s chief nursing officer/SVP for patient care services and marketing director to take this project from conception to its release during Nurses Week 2013, when each nurse received a copy as a special gift. An innovative designer and a first-rate photographer completed the team.

The 44-page publication was well-received by both management and...

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A New Venture, a Labor of Love

Are you passionate about cooking? Always on the hunt for quality ingredients? Do you enjoy bringing people together around your table? Do you fuss over table settings, linens, candles, etc. Perhaps your expertise is more along the lines of finding great restaurants and take-out. Or, maybe you just love to eat…. For any of these reasons and many more, we invite you to visit Food Sharing Network and join the...

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My Privileged Life

Tomorrow I will get up, enjoy multiple cups of coffee in my robe, and then work diligently for hours at my desk with, perhaps, minor interruptions. I am my own taskmaster. It is a good life when you are willing to take life head-on, but not for the fainthearted. Keep in mind that I am an ordinary...

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Addicted to What?

The only lunch that I remember in grade school included deli ham on Wonder Bread with mayonnaise, two cookies, a quartered navel orange and a container of milk. I’m sure there were other menus, but this must have been a favorite, although I would have to be pretty hungry to eat that sandwich today. The image of me sitting at a cafeteria table eating what I’m sure represented a labor of love for my mother is one of my fondest...

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Unexpected Pleasures

We never really know what’s going to be a hit at Christmas. I remember quite distinctly the year my then pre-school niece Caitlin, upon opening her Fisher-Price toy purse, exclaimed “Tissues!” with glee as she explored the contents. You just never know.

This year I decided to wow the children by decorating my carrot cake with plastic Christmas decorations, including all the basics from Santa to wrapped presents. Much to my surprise, when I presented the (not prize-winning) dessert to my...

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Treasure Trove in Rutherford

Maybe I was cranky, jaded or just plain tired. Whatever the reason, my enthusiasm for the holidays was definitely missing. How does a person who delights in life’s simple pleasures lose her way when it comes to Christmas? Fortunately, what was lost was found at Holiday Cheer and all that JAZZ, a concert by The Rum Runners Quintet presented by 12 Twelve Miles West Theatre Company in Rutherford, New Jersey.

Although I live in the borough, I knew nothing about the...

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Channeling Grandpa

Joseph A. Yodzio, Better Known as Grandpa, During WWII

When I watched the Democratic convention—I watched most of both—I thought a lot about Grandpa. Before he became an elder statesman of our family, he was just Daddy. He was humble and low-key. He never thought one person had all of the answers, or that one person alone should make the rules. Although he has been gone for ten years, I know what he would have said about the conventions. Be informed...

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The “Elite” Media?

I have to shake my head a bit when I come across the term elite media. Remember when it was good to be elite? I guess putting it together with the word media made it easy to turn it into a pejorative. People love to kick around the press. Sure there are journalists who are biased, lazy, inaccurate, unprofessional, etc., but there are plenty of people doing a good job too. A good thing, because we need their...

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Walking Backwards

A recent trip to the Bronx Zoo on a cold day in January was a perfect way to stave off the winter blues.

The day began with the good fortune of being able to enter at the charming Rainey Gates, a rare opportunity usually not available in the warmer months when the parking spots at this entrance fill early. As we approached the Rockefeller Fountain, an impressive structure with elaborate sculpture that was relocated to the zoo from Italy in 1903,...

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Celebrities are Just Like You and Me

I’m not a fancy person with the life of the rich and famous, but I have had the opportunity to work with numerous celebrities, performers and other public figures. Dr. Mehmet Oz, Walter Cronkite, Howie Mandel, and so forth, I enjoyed their efforts, consideration and company. My secret wish—now for all to know—is to spend some quality time with Bob Dylan. Oh, to get a close-up view of the fascinating genius, an icon of our times. I would cook him...

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Thoughts During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

2009 Walk for Awareness: Our Fight Against Breast Cancer

Most of us often think about cancer, but I suspect we do that more during October because it is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

It’s true what they say, I’m sure—everyone’s life has been affected by cancer. My experience in that regard has involved people I care about, but also has been unique to that of a writer. I have had the privilege of interviewing people who have had cancer and individuals...

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My Interesting Life

Kathleen Mathieu around the time she launched her career in PR

This essay, which I wrote about myself before I started The Red Wagon Group, still applies.

I’ll never forget the conversation. I was starting a new job the next morning. The position had struck me as a perfect fit, one of those it-has-my-name-on-it situations. I was excited and elated. Then those deadly words came out of his mouth…

The speaker was my husband, my best friend, confidant, business advisor and sweetheart....

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